March, 2016 :: Blessing Bags

Blessing Bags

During March we collected a variety of small but essential items and assembled them into 52 “blessing bags” which we’re handing out to the homeless around town. Each bag includes items like socks, toiletries, snacks, water and a T-shirt. We’ve had several touching stories so far of people delighted and grateful to get a bag!

February, 2016 :: “Feel the Burn” Annual Chili Cook-off

“Feel the Burn” Annual Chili Cook-off

Our cook-off was a huge success! We raised $1,080 for the Susan G. Komen foundation. Winner for best name went to Chris and an unprecedented three win sweep of the remaining categories went to Lisa. Thanks to all the members of the committee who had a hand in organizing this event: Martha, Reena, Kendra, Chris, Leah, Aldine, Katherine, Cindy and Courtney. Great job everyone!

See all the photos over on Facebook.

January, 2016 :: Rowlett Tornado Relief

Rowlett Tornado Relief

During January we collected over $750 in cash and gift card donations to help the folks affected by the massive tornado right after Christmas. A big Thank You to everyone who contributed!

December, 2015 :: Salvation Army Angel Trees

Salvation Army Angel Trees

For this Christmas our employees adopted 72 regular Angels and 10 Precious Angels as part of the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program.

Today we took all the bags of gifts we’d collected over to the distribution center.  The sea of red bags was a beautiful sight. What a great relief it must be for all of those families that wouldn’t have been able to provide gifts on Christmas morning without your help. A big Thank You to everyone who donated!

October, 2015 :: Oxfam American Donation

Oxfam American Donation

For Boss’s Day this year, the staff went together to make a donation to Oxfam America. The donation was to boost women’s entrepreneurship by helping to start a village savings group. Led by local women, the group provides a safe place to save and lend where banks are few and far between. Members can use their loans to launch or grow small businesses — and when women prosper, their entire families benefit. Now that’s a smart business plan!

October, 2015 :: North Texas Food Bank

North Texas Food Bank

This month a group of us spent the morning volunteering at the North Texas Food Bank distribution center, packing boxes of food to be shipped out to partner agencies across this part of the state.  All in all we packed 3,600 pounds of food into 180 boxes.  That’s 3,000 meals for people in our community!

September, 2015 :: Bingo at Lighthouse for the Blind

Bingo at Lighthouse for the Blind

Thank you to everyone who spent their Friday evening at Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind!

idGROUP volunteers helped facilitate bingo for the blind and visually impaired. We served dinner and enjoyed the company of some very cheerful bingo players. This monthly event is highly anticipated and the room was filled with players ready to win and volunteers ready to serve.

July, 2015 :: Dwell with Dignity

Dwell with Dignity

We loved this charity so much we decided to partner with them for two separate families, spending an evening both this month and next sanding furniture that will be painted and staged in their new homes.

Dwell with Dignity is a nonprofit group of interior designers and volunteers dedicated to creating soothing and inspiring homes for families struggling to overcome homelessness. Dwell with Dignity partners with local housing groups to select deserving families who have completed a year-long support program and have now been placed into new homes. Their mission is to completely fit out their new home with furniture, art, bedding, kitchen supplies, and even food in the panty. Essentially telling the families they only need to bring their keys and their clothes. This allows the families to keep their limited incomes available for the normal emergencies of life, avoiding what could be the one crisis that pulls them back into the cycle of homelessness. By giving these families stable homes the children will be able to remain in school, each have their own beds, and they will be proud of the place they call home. They are setting a new standard of living and working to ensure that the entire family has the support needed to flourish in their new lives.