Brenda Thomson project manager

Walking into the office feels like stepping into your home. You are immediately made to feel welcome and everyone jumps in to help each other at a moment’s notice.

I love the off-the-wall comments my kids make. They make me look at the world differently and find magic in the ordinary and mundane.

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“Design From the Inside Out” to me means creating a design that organically conforms to the needs of the end user rather than forcing the end user to rigidly conform to the design.

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I grew up next to the ocean. I feel most grounded and centered after spending any amount of time by a large body of water.

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I love learning about the history of places and things and then creating something from it with a modern twist.

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Life throws each of us curveballs — some good and some bad. Through it all, most of us are blessed enough to recognize the glass as half full. Whether for work or charity, being able to whole heartedly throw one’s all into achieving the best outcome for another is the best pay-it-forward moment we are given each and every day.

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