Bria Chatman designer

While our main purpose is to serve our clients, I like how we also promote serving the community. I resonate with the idea of helping people as much as possible, whether in big or small ways.

“Good design has to tell a story. It has to stop people and make them wonder. Good design is a conversation.” –Zahid Sardar

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My favorite place is my patio; I sit out there almost every Saturday morning with a book or magazine and a coffee!

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“Design From the Inside Out” to me means a part of your design needs to grab people’s interest as they walk though the door.

The community service opportunities we have here are a great way to get to know your coworkers better and help the community all at once!

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My favorite thing to do is to refinish and refurbish existing furniture. I have a couple of pieces at my apartment that I worked on.