Bridget Williams designer

I love the huge heart of idGROUP as a company and the high quality of regard for all involved in the design process.

Bridget Williams 1

A heart of service means that we are blessed when we are outwardly focused while taking care of ourselves.

Curiosity is the catalyst for inspiration. Paying attention to and being curious about how the natural world works is what has me the most inspired at the moment.

Bridget Williams 4

Fav quote of the moment: “Try not to be a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.” –Albert Einstein

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Books and a cozy place to read them are my favorite thing. I also really love the infused water and yoga that idGROUP provides!

When not in a comfy place with a book, or in a deep conversation any place on earth, my favorite space is a hiking trail. Because with all of these I get to learn in one way or another.