Neysha Rios Cruz project coordinator

At idGROUP we’re more than just co-workers; we’re a team, a family working together to achieve each other’s goals. It’s not about one person. It’s about all of us together.

I love traveling. Experiencing a new culture, tasting their food and just getting lost in the streets of a new city… There’s no better way to discover this beautiful world we live in.

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“Carpe Omnia” — We should live day by day but also think about how what we do today affects tomorrow, so instead of just seizing the day seize your life and your future.

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There’s nothing more rewarding that doing something for another person, seeing them smile knowing you made a difference in their day is the best reward.

To me “Design from the Inside Out” means designing with your heart, with what you know, with your gut. Thinking of how the space will feel, how you would like to feel and perceive it, then doing that for the rest of the world.

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My favorite place is anywhere I can be surrounded by my family and friends. They play a big role in my life and having them around makes just any place feel special. Of course if we all happen to be in front of the ocean in a sunny day with some “mojitos” even better!